Hypnosis Unraveled: Understanding Igor Ledochowski’s Methods

Hypnosis,The Truth About Hypnosis Articles Self Hypnosis and Trance are all one and the same thing. They are basically just tools. Tools that allow you to quickly and easily reshape how you think, feel and view your world, your peers and yourself. However, a great many people are losing out on the benefits this fantastic tool offers simply because they have a lack of understanding or misunderstanding of the entire subject. Below you will find some key points about Hypnosis that will, hopefully, arm you with the knowledge you need to decide for yourself what hypnosis is and what it can do for you.

Hypnosis is older than you can imagine. It has been employed for various reasons over thousands of years. Hypnosis, or more accurately trance, is a completely natural state of mind which you move in and out of everyday. It is, in effect, an altered state of consciousness. You are neither asleep igor ledochowski hypnosis nor are you completely conscious or wide awake. A common illustration of this can be seen in the simple act of watching a movie. If you are enjoying the movie then, albeit only temporarily, your conscious mind stops processing your immediate surroundings as you emerse yourself in the world that is being presented to you on the screen. If you did not enter into a light state of trance while watching such programmes they would not give the pleasure they do. You must “lose yourself” in the characters believing them to be real people in order for the film and plot to be entertaining. We all know how bad a film is when we just can’t make a connection with the characters, so we just don’t find them convincing – the movie loses its hypnotic power and no longer becomes entertaining! Hypnotic trance is really just a state of deep relaxation which creates, what are called alpha and sometimes theta waves in the brain. Sometimes a subject can be in a fairly deep state of trance without even knowing it, they merely think they are very relaxed. In very rare cases the subject thinks they just fell asleep!

Everyone can be hypnotized. However, all forms of Hypnosis are really self hypnosis. For in order to be hypnotized you must first be willing to hand over control to the hypnotist. Without consensual participation from a subject a hypnotist is virtually powerless. Having said that, it is extremely difficult to hypnotise a person who is very drunk, or has taken drugs (these people are already in a self-induced state of trance and directing them into a different altered state becomes almost impossible). In addition it is impossible to hypnotize someone who is adamant they don’t want to undergo hypnosis!